Raised Floor Tiles in San Jose, CA

To ensure our customers are getting the best final results from their computer floor tiles and data center raised floor tiles, we put our trust in brands and materials that we know we can trust. We carry a large assortment of raised floor tiles & raised floor systems and brands in our warehouse, including:

  • ASM
  • CTEC
  • Donn
  • Haworth
  • Liskey
  • Maxess
  • RAF Solutions (new line)
  • Tate

Air Flow


  • Airflow through carpeted access floors
  • Can be used with HPL surface
  • Aluminum construction
  • Air Grate Aluminum
  • Air Grate Steel
  • Perforated Steel

These are all used to ease the chance of Hotspots

Grommets and Trim Grommet:

Ramp Kits/Step Kits & Rails

• Ramps – Standard 1:12 slope-built with bases cut to size, swivel heads & solid floor tiles.
• Guard Rails – 2 line using 1 7/8″ OD Tubular Aluminum
• Hand Rails – Sloped for ramp or wall mount using 1 ½” OD Tubular Aluminum. All railing is bolted to raised floor.

Data Center Raised Floor Tiles
Computer Floor Tiles

Used Raised Floor Tiles

Used Raised Floor Tiles

Our Warehouse

We maintain a large warehouse that houses a vast selection of used floor systems and computer floor tiles, and we can offer standard products at very substantial savings.
If you are looking for used raised floor tiles or data center raised floor tiles, please contact us for product availability and we’ll do our best to meet your needs for your raised access computer floor.

Data Center Raised Floor Tiles

1-Year Warranty

Many companies who sell used raised floor tiles will not warrant them, but we do. We are selective about the used materials that we acquire because we know our customers demand quality for their raised access computer floors.
In fact, we are so confident in the quality of our used materials that we will warrant them for a full year from the date of your purchase.

For more information about any of the quality raised floor tiles and other products RFI Inc offers or to inquire about our capabilities when it comes to raised floor installations and peripheral fixtures in San Jose, Santa Clara, Silicon Valley, and Milpitas, CA, please contact us today by calling 408-453-0581.


Refurbished and Pre-Owned Raised Floor Panels are a cost-effective alternative to New Raised Floor Panels.

Here are some of the most popular Pre-Owned Raised Floor Panels: