The Benefits & Applications of Raised Access Flooring

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Raised access flooring is a type of flooring system that’s installed in offices and other workspaces. It’s designed to run wiring, cables, air ducts and other equipment under the floor. This can help you make a variety of upgrades and changes to your building without having to do any demolition or construction work. This also allows you to perform maintenance on your wiring and ductwork without the risk of damage to your equipment or floors.

This kind of flooring is often used in financial and insurance offices where there’s a lot of computer and telecom equipment. It can also be used in laboratories and research facilities. Another popular application of raised floors is in computer rooms and data centers. These facilities have large volumes of electrical and data wiring that need to be organized and stored in a way that will not disrupt airflow. To accomplish this, floor voids are typically created in between raised access floor panels to route these services. The plenum allows for easy accessibility for upgrades and maintenance without impacting the aesthetic of the facility.

Unlike traditional floors, which require a permanent bonding process for pedestals, low profile access floor pedestals are portable. This means facilities can relocate their server rooms to other areas when necessary, such as during future renovations. It also allows for easy cable management, hiding wires and cables underneath the floor to provide a clean, professional appearance while keeping everyone safe.

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