Advantages of Raised Access Flooring Systems

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Raised,Access,Computer,FloorAdvantages of Raised Access Flooring Systems

Raised access floors are typically used to run cables, HVAC ducts, and electrical wiring. Running these utilities under the floor makes them much easier to mange and maintain than traditional overhead or wall-aligned trunking.


Raised access flooring systems offer a high level of flexibility. They are typically used in commercial offices, data centers and telecommunications spaces where there is a need for building services to be easily and quickly routed through a floor system that provides a clean aesthetic and facilitates easy reconfiguration. Generally, these systems consist of removable floor panels laid on adjustable vertical pedestals. These pedestals are bonded to the concrete floor and allow for space beneath the raised flooring for running cables, ductwork, ventilation equipment or storage areas. These floor panels are then joined together by cross-section stringers that firmly connect to the pedestals. These can be made from aluminum channels or square tube depending on the design of the raised access floor. This process provides a strong framework for the floor panel to hold up against any loads placed upon it.


Raised access flooring systems are a great choice for businesses that need to run wiring, cables and HVAC ducts in a controlled and safe environment. They are easy to install and allow workers to work with piping and wiring without disturbing the dust that settles under the floor. They are also very lightweight and customizable. This allows them to be added to or moved as needed, making them ideal for expanding or updating an operation without paying for expensive renovations.


The durability of raised access flooring systems is largely determined by the type of materials they are made from and their installation methods. For example, panels are typically fabricated with steel or aluminum cores clad in cement.  These materials can be strong enough to withstand heavy loads and impacts. However, the durability of these materials can be compromised if a business uses them incorrectly or fails to perform regular maintenance on them. For instance, if you place them on top of concrete and load them a few times, they may start to crack and weaken.


The cost of raised access flooring will vary depending on the type and manufacturer of panels used. Raised access floor systems can be installed over existing floors, which means that they require less labor and material than a traditional floor installation. They are also movable and can be modified to meet changing demands in your office environment. However, it is often best to discuss your requirements with a raised floor specialist here at RFI Inc as this will help you determine the most cost-effective solution for your specific needs.

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